Review: The Lessons, by Elizabeth Brown


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category/Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult, Erotic Romance


Pages: 344


Things weren’t exactly going according to my Plan, so I did what most Americans do when confronted with a problem : I hired someone else to fix it.

Except ‘it’ was my virginity.

And that ‘someone else’ was a sex surrogate.

I should have known the answer wouldn’t be that simple.

Stand-alone book 1 in The Off-Limits series.




I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

The Lessons is the first book in the Off-Limits series. Each book is a standalone so don’t be afraid, there’s a real end to Natalie and Ryan’s story.

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a book and sometimes I don’t. Here, I don’t have a lot to say and it’s because I truly enjoyed this book. This novel is one of these books you have fun reading, the kind you need to relax and move on from one book to the next.

Elizabeth Brown has a lively writing style, something very fresh. While I don’t think Ryan’s POV (very few and short) is that interesting and telling, it’s still nice to have a little peek into his head. Natalie’s POV shows a likable character you can easily understand. She’s feisty, fun and she’s not one to stand on the sidelines in this book.

Ryan and Natalie both work well together and I believe in their chemistry. They frustrate me a bit when I think about some things again, but overall I have been rooting for them from the get go.

The plot itself works well even though everything is rather (if not very) predictable. It’s strange because usually I’d have been a bit bothered, but I’m not. I’ve been so into this book that in the end I would sigh a few times when I realized that the things I’d predicted from the beginning were truly happening, but it didn’t stop me from reading the remaining of the book and I enjoyed every pages.

Some conflicts and obstacles could have been more used to better enhance some aspects of Natalie and Ryan’s relationship, but also Natalie’s work and so on. I think the author goes out of her way to put into her story some conflicts to shake things up a bit, but in the end she doesn’t use these to the fullest and I find it a bit disappointed. If anything, I think that’s why I’m not rating this book with the highest rating because of it. I mean, it can be frustrating when something big happens and a few pages later it’s solved without much trouble (see the thing at Natalie’s workplace for example).

As I said above, I truly enjoyed this book and I had a really good time with these characters. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the next book featuring Ryan’s sister and one of his friends.

If you’re still wondering… Yes, I recommend this book! 🙂





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