Review: Crave the Rose, by Karen Kincy


Part of a series? No.

Genre/Category: Contemporary Romance.


Pages: 117


She’s not a good girl. He’s not an alpha male. This isn’t your ordinary love story.

Cassia’s a tattooed bad girl, a bitch, hurt one too many times to believe in a happy ending. While studying abroad at Oxford, she loses her boyfriend in an accident–the night after she catches him screwing another girl.

Bram’s an Irish charmer whose wolfish smile hides his darkest secrets. He knows how it feels to be broken. He’s no alpha male, but he’s sweet, sexy, and the only man who makes Cassia feel anything but numb.

Together, they work on Wolfenwold Hall, a crumbling manor house tangled in a garden run wild, while the attraction between them blazes out of control. This is sex, nothing more, with three little rules:

No cheating.
No lies.
No falling in love.

But rules are made to be broken…



I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

I want to apologize for this very, very short review. I went back and forth between posting something or not regarding this book, but ultimately I felt bad for not writing anything after receiving this book via Netgalley.

First, I must admit that I fell for the cover. It’s what attracted me to begin with and the blurb intrigued me. Unfortunately, upon reading the very first chapter I knew it wasn’t for me.

I only read 27% of the book and that’s why I feel conflicted for writing a “review”. I will probably not finish this novel and I hate not finishing a book. But this time around, I can’t connect with the characters and I find the writing way too stilted and the dialogues seem to jump around a bit and don’t flow.

I really like the premise and maybe the plot and characters would appeal to me more if I kept reading, but I’m not into it.

DNF at 27%


I will not rate this book as it is a DNF and I would feel bad for rating it 1 star because this novel is readable.


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