Review: Lance, by Christi Snow


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category/Genre: Adult contemporary romance suspense


Pages: 178

Release Date: June 5th, 2015


As the owner and CEO of Lancer Industries, Matthew Lancer spends his days in three piece suits and conducting meetings that affect the world financial markets. What the world doesn’t know is that Matthew Lancer has a deep, dark secret. He’s actually super-hot, super-sexy, and covered in tattoos. When he can, he spends his free time letting loose as bad-boy male model, Lance Jones. No one knows and it has to stay that way or Lance will lose the one thing that’s keeping his high pressure life sane.

Andi Kelly writes erotic romance. Day in and day out, she imagines a world filled with bondage, multiple partners, and just a few whips and chains. But that’s the fantasy life in her novels. In the real world, she’s an introvert who spends her days at home living out her fantasies through her laptop. Andi’s finally worked up the courage to ask Shauna Kruse if she can sit in on the photoshoot for Andi’s next novel…with her model-crush, Lance Jones.

But Lancer Industries has a mole and it’s put both Andi and Lance in danger. Lance’s two worlds collide and when corporate espionage meets erotic romance, there’s no telling what might happen.




I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

Lance is the second installment in the Male Model Chronicles. Each installment can be read as a standalone.

I am surprised how suspenseful this installment is compared to the first one. The vibe is very different, the characters too. It is a nice read and very entertaining, but I miss a little something to make it a “wow“ read. You know what I mean.

Lance has a little something quite interesting going for him and I’m not talking about the CEO thing, but more about his need to get away from his real life. That’s different and while I think we have a good enough idea of why he needs that reprieve, I think it’s not showed enough. His characterization could have been more thorough.

The same goes for Andi. She’s a great character, and I like how she’s portrayed as a shy person, but I think the author brushes it off too easily and too soon. I understand why, the plot needs it, but I think it’s too easy and then kinds of negate some of her characterization.

But I really like how Andi and Lance/Matthew are fighters at heart. That’s the great thing here and it serves the suspense very well. I can’t exactly give you any more details or else it’d ruin the plot for you, but the whole “corporate espionage” thing going on is great and it drew me in quite easily.

That being said, I think the ending is too fast and goes too smoothly. Call me twisted. 😉

Other than that, the romance is lukewarm at best for me. Andi and Lance are cute, I guess, but I miss a spark there. I can’t explain it, but maybe I was expecting to actually feel how Lance can’t stop looking at her or how Andi can’t stop the flutters in her chest. I don’t know, I guess I don’t feel the emotions in this book, but I still had a good time reading it.

In a few words…

This is an entertaining read, fast paced and with a touch of suspense. The romance isn’t memorable, but if you’re in between books and if you’re looking for a quick read, then this one may be for you.


3 to 3.5


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