Review: Fifty Days Part 1, by Taylor Shade


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? Yes.

Category/Genre: Erotica, contemporary, suspense, adult.


Pages: 111


I know you. I know what you want, what you secretly desire.

You walk through the world hiding your true self, all covered in clothing that only slightly reveals the real you. You make yourself up to look so pristine. You follow all the social cues to make sure you’re acting like a “proper woman.” A good girl.

Most men don’t know. But I do. I see right through it.

It happens when I first look you in the eyes. I know what you really want. You say you want a “nice guy,” a man who will wait while you try on a thousand outfits in the dressing room, who will pick you up and drop you off. But really… deep down… I am what you want.

Because you know I won’t do any of those things. And I scoff at those wusses. You know what kind of man I am as soon as you see me. You know you should be sickened by a man like me, even repulsed. But you can’t help it. You’re lit up at the first penetrating stare of my blue eyes.

You can almost feel me inside you as you read this. Your body doesn’t lie. No amount of logic or words can stop it. It’s primal, animal, coming from your deepest most private space.

Yes… you know. You know I am the man who will soon fulfill your darkest desires. The one who breaks down your resistance, who leads you into complete surrender. Your heart beats faster in anticipation. A droplet of sweat forms on your lips as you think about it. You long to give yourself to me… relishing every moment of being at my tantalizing command. Because it’s all about command.

You want to give me command of your body. Teasing it. Pleasing it when I want. Using it for my own pleasure. Keeping you on edge. Yes, you are my dirty, filthy slut and you know it. You will do nearly anything I ask. You want a man who can take you fully, who can do things to you that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend… because to actually say it to another human being means you’re admitting who you really are.

Which you can never do. Even though I know. And you know.

You’re my dirty little slut. And you know what else I know?

You love it.

Yes. You do.

Shhhhhh. It will be our little secret.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.


This is the first part of the serial called Fifty Days. As per usual with serials, the installment ends on a cliffhanger.


I don’t know if you’re the same, but upon reading this blurb I was intrigued. I mean, it’s not telling, but gives some clues as to what to expect. That worked on me when I saw this book on Netgalley. Unfortunately, and maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn’t like this first installment.


It’s a matter of personal taste, but when I read erotica novels or serials, I like it when I feel and see a building connection between the characters, a connection that has the potential to go beyond the rampant lust. Sex scenes after sex scenes when the characters are just meeting (and I mean that literally because this installment covers the first day), I have a harder time to enjoy a story and get into it.


Also, I don’t like the main characters. Neither Sloane, nor Matthew are compelling. I can’t see a quality that makes me want to stick by them, I don’t see a weakness that makes me want to know more, and I don’t feel much of anything regarding them other than mild annoyance. They’re over the top. In my opinion, way over the top.


I don’t mind graphic sex scenes, I don’t mind reading several sex scenes pilled up in a book, but I’d rather read something that is more than a sex scene for the sake of it. Right now, I don’t understand the real plot, don’t get why the author made the characters have sex so soon and so easily and I find it disappointing that the suspense, which I think is supposed to be the main thread of the plot, so little used. In the end, I’m pretty sure the suspense isn’t taking more than 5 pages and the rest is mostly about the sex and how Sloane has never met a man like Matthew and how she’s never like this with men and things like that. And when it’s Matthew’s POV, it’s mostly about Sloane’s sex appeal.


I don’t know, I was expecting something very different, not as much in term of plot, but in term of how the story is built and the characterization.


I don’t think I will be reading the next installments. I’m sorry.



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