Review: Hate Fuck — Part 2, by Ainsley Booth


Part of a series? Yes

Cliffhanger? Yes

Category: Adult, erotica

Genre: Contemporary, romance, suspense.


Pages: 100


It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s business as usual.


I know I’ve fucked up, but I can fix this.


This can’t be fixed.

This is not a standalone book. It is part two in a three part serial.



I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.
This is the second part of a three part serial. I had to re-read the last chapter of the first part because I didn’t remember much (that’s a sign I read too many books), but it quickly came back to me. This second installment was enjoyable, but less so than the first one for me.
While you still have the hot chemistry between Cole and Hailey, I find this second part a little too all over the place. For example, we’re left with an insane cliffhanger after reading the first part, but in the end the events leading to that cliffhanger aren’t that important in this installment and are rather fast “forgotten“.
I think my issue here comes from the fact that for such a short installment you have a plot that is slightly all over the place. It’s very interesting to have some suspense, the whole thing regarding Cole’s work, but it’s almost confusing at times. To be honest, a novel would have probably made it easier for the author to develop fully that aspect of the story. It’s just my opinion.
But the funny thing is, because the two main characters are great together, because they have that amazing chemistry everything doesn’t seem so important. (But their issues are too downplayed and/or overlooked sometimes. The sex takes A LOT of place).
The writing is good for such a story. In the opening chapters I think some sentences are a little stilted, but maybe it’s because I needed to get back in the  story.
Overall, it’s a good second part, it makes me want to read the last part and I’m left with questions. After all, we know that in serials parts end on a cliffhanger. 😉
What do you think of Cole?
3.5 to 4

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