Review: Marry Me for Money, by Mia Kayla


Part of a series? Apparently.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: Adult.

Genre: contemporary romance, chick-lit.


Pages: 294


Leaving her small town behind, Bethany Casse moves to Chicago in search of a new life. Working at a top financial bank brings her into contact with two men who are as different as night and day.

Kent Plack, heir to Plack Industries, has no interest in being with a woman for longer than one night. A spoiled and lazy man-whore, he is completely content with his playboy lifestyle, and Beth is surprised when they form an unlikely friendship.

Brian Burcham, a finance banker, is gorgeous and respectful. A man plucked from Beth’s dreams, he is definite husband material. Unfortunately, Beth has a hard rule against dating coworkers, but Brian is determined to change her mind.

When a deadbeat mother and money problems follow her to Chicago, Beth is offered a solution that could fix everything. Marrying for money seems simple enough, but when lines become blurred, Beth faces difficult choices, making her realize that the easy way out just made her life even harder than before.



I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review. 
While this book could (and in my opinion probably should) be read as a standalone, the author states in the book that there will be another book featuring Kent and Beth.
It’s unusual, but when I first received this book, I immediately started reading, but stopped around 15% or so. I couldn’t get into it and I didn’t know if it was me or the book. But here I am, a few months later. I finished it very quickly and I enjoyed it.
See? I guess it was me after all. 🙂
But even though I finished reading Marry Me For Money and even though I enjoyed it, there are a few things that prevented me from loving it as much as the author’s other book (which I LOVE). I am going to try and explain, but keep in mind that I truly had a good time reading Kent and Beth’s story.
This story is exclusively told from Beth’s POV and while I sometimes would have liked to have an inkling of what was going on in Kent’s head, the POV and the voice are a good match for the atmosphere and the characters. Beth is fun, but also driven and like many women out there. It’s easy to understand and maybe even identify to her to a certain extent.
But sometimes I couldn’t get Kent. I like him, a lot, but there are some things that clashed with what the author was showing us through Beth’s eyes. For a little while Kent was fun and that was great, but after a  while I started to be annoyed with him. Then again, it started right when I felt like things between Kent and Beth were not moving along one way or another which ended up frustrating me. It even bored me for a couple of chapters.
That being said, the dynamic between Kent and Beth is nice. Their friendship, while genuine, blossomed probably too fast for my taste, but it helped building them as characters and it served the important twist of the story: a marriage for money.
It doesn’t happen immediately and that’s a good thing according to me. It helped the characterizations, and also it gave the time for the author to show us the dynamic between all the characters and not just the two main. But, once it starts it all happens pretty fast.
The secondary characters and the secondary plot (regarding Beth’s mother) aren’t enough explored. Some things are very, very rushed near the end. It actually annoyed me and that’s probably the only thing I didn’t like at all. I’m sure I’m going to be one of the very few saying this.
Other than that, it’s a really good book in the genre. The romance is very, very slow building and I like that, but I do think that it can be annoying at one point. In hindsight, the author made the right call, but while reading it can be a letdown. Of course, it depends on what you’re looking for when you start reading.
The dialogues are great, some banters between Kent and Beth quite funny and they bring the right amount of comic relief to make this story pretty much a light read even though you will also find some angst in there.
As you can see, I have mixed feelings, but that doesn’t mean this book isn’t a good read. The author knows how to portray her characters, she knows how to build a plot and she knows how to write her story. Her writing flows well and it’s an easy read.
I will keep an eye on this author and will probably pick up the sequel when it’s out. (But I still think that the ending of this book is really good as it is and I’m not thrilled that there’s going to be another one).
What do you think of the handsome Kent?
3 to 3.5

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