Review: Garrett, by Sawyer Bennett


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance, sports

Publisher: Loveswept

Pages: 278


Carolina Cold Fury star Garrett Samuelson never wants to miss out on a single minute of fun. Whether he’s playing hockey, hanging out with friends, or walking the red carpet with a new date on his arm, he lives every day to the fullest. When he meets Olivia Case, he sees someone who’s exactly his type—confident, sexy, smart . . . his next fling. But the more he pursues her, the more Garrett shares a side of himself that other women don’t normally get to see.

Olivia has been keeping a secret. While Garrett lives for the next thrill, Olivia’s not sure she’ll live to see the next day. She’s undergoing treatment for some serious medical issues, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship with no guarantees—especially one with a hot-as-sin womanizer who won’t take no for an answer. But as she gets to know the real Garrett, Olivia can’t help falling for him . . . hard. To reveal the truth would mean risking everything—but you can’t score without taking the tough shots.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.


This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Each book features different characters. I enjoyed the first one (Alex), but I remember not being completely won over. But here, Garrett (and Olivia) made me swoon.


It’s amazing when in a story there are sweet moments, hot ones, funny ones and also painful scenes. I love it when a book can put me in different moods when I’m reading, and this one did exactly that.


Olivia has cancer and when she meets Garrett, she decides to have a very short fling with him before she starts fighting for her health. The author did an amazing job at showing us how Olivia is strong, afraid and also very human. I empathized with her right away. Not even once did I get bored or annoyed with her. She’s a really great main character and it was amazing to see Garrett through her eyes and feel their connection. Believe me, it’s pretty sizzling. 😉


Garrett starts the book by being the ultimate one-night stand master. To be honest, I didn’t like the first chapter of the book. Really not. Not because Garrett is the ultimate player at first glance, but because the story itself seemed to be without depth. I was very soon reassured and I was even more drawn to Garrett and Olivia’s story. If Garrett doesn’t take a spot on your book boyfriend list I don’t know which character will! I swooned several times, blushed a few times too and yet the sex scenes aren’t overly descriptive. It’s pretty tasteful in my opinion. Hot, sometimes sweet, but tasteful all the same and I could feel/see the chemistry between both characters.


The plot itself is working well. We see Garrett and Olivia’s relationship evolve, we see them face obstacles regarding her cancer and it was really sweet and sometimes heartbreaking to read. I had a hard time putting the book down.


The supporting characters are great and while I’d have loved to see a little bit more of them—like more of Garrett’s family—I do think they complement the main characters.
We see Alex and Sutton in this book since Sutton is Olivia’s cousin and Alex is Garrett’s best friend. It’s a nice touch and well-brought to add a little something to those of us reading the series. But, I must insist, you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy this book or to understand the characters.
Now, I must tell you…I’m quite eager to read the next book which will feature Zack. I think I need to brace myself for this one!

What do you think of Garrett? Isn’t he dreamy?



4 to 4.5


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