Review: Mending Michael, by J.P Grider


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: New Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing

Pages: 371


There is a fine line between love and hate.

When bartender Mick Ross first sees Holly Buchanan walk into Donny’s Bar, his heart comes to a halt. That is, until she serves him her fake ID and reveals her true nature when she’s declined her drink.

Holly thinks Mick is an ass, and she has no clue why he can’t stand her. Though, she does enjoy looking at his ass.

So, when Donny hires Holly to waitress at his bar, she must either deal with Mick’s hatred toward her or give him a taste of his own medicine.

Tensions are high.
Comments are made.
Hearts are hurt.
But if there really is a fine line between love and hate, then Mick and Holly must decide on which side they stand.




I received this novel via Netgalley for an honest review.
This is the second book in the Hunter Hill University series, but it can be read as a standalone. Each book features different main characters.
I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’ve read many, many new adult books these last couple of years. They often are quite steamy with flawed characters and while this one has flawed characters, broken even, the steam is very mild because that’s not the focus of the story. Believe me, it’s a good thing here.
What I enjoy the most in this book it’s the way the author doesn’t take the easy way. Her characters are attracted to each, but they don’t fall into each other’s arms. They fight along the way, fight against themselves, against their issues and also for themselves. While it’s obvious it’s Michael who has more issues here, I like Holly’s journey too. She’s the perfect example of what a new adult female character is. She’s strong and yet has issues finding what she wants to study, what she wants to do with her life, she’s also trying to emancipate herself from her family and especially from her father. Isn’t that what we’re expecting to find in a NA contemporary book? At least, that’s what I’m often looking for.
The only thing I have an issue with when it comes to Holly it’s how the author manages the talk she has with her father. For me it should have been way more climatic, way more intense and difficult to go out. In the end, the build up is really great, but the result is lacking. That’s how I feel, but I’m sure other readers don’t feel the same. Sometimes I can be very picky.
Michael is a great character and I hurt for him. That’s exactly what I love. When I feel for a character it’s a given that I’m going to end up really liking it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to slap him a couple of times while reading. For example, I think some things are too drawn out.
Now, there’s something you don’t often see in contemporary romance books. Here, the romance is a very, very slow building one. The characters don’t fall into each other after a matter of ten or twenty pages. It’s a good thing and it goes with the characterization of both Holly and Mick. That being said, I do think it comes a little too late in the book and isn’t as powerfully showed as I would have loved. But it’s well built and I enjoy the few banters between Holly and Mick. Some are a little over the top, but it’s very entertaining.
I will probably add to my TBR the other books in the series.
What do you think of Mick?

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