Review: Justin, by Christi Snow


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Pages: 96


Tara Malone is having one of those lives. Born to Oscar award-winning actor, Anthony Malone, and model-famous beauty, Veronica Scott, she should have it made. But her curvy figure and out-of-control frizzy red hair are just the start of her many, many issues. Now to make matters worse, she’s started out her week by running over model, Justin James, with her car. She had a lot of fantasies about the cover model, but never did any of them include vehicular assault.

Justin James doesn’t have time for two broken wrists, but neither does his over-achieving family. He can’t open up his fridge or unzip his fly without excruciating pain and no one else has the time to help him. Tara already shot him down at the accident scene, but maybe he can work this so that the curvy bombshell has a reason to hang around for a bit. He’s not above using guilt if it means he gets to know her better.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

Justin is the first book in a series of novels/novellas. This first installment is a light and fast read.

Justin James is a firefighter, but also a male model for book covers. Obviously he’s hot, but his sweetness is almost too much. Honestly, he’s the sweetest male character I’ve read in a long time. While I find it refreshing, sometimes I had a feeling that this story was a little bit too goody-goody. But, the author shows the chemistry between Justin and Tara quite well, so it’s good enough to keep me reading.

Tara Malone is a curvaceous young woman who meets Justin quite unusually. In fact, their meeting is really well-written and immediately had me hooked. Tara is kind, smart and while she’s also a little bit shy at first, she isn’t one to shy away from her attraction to Justin. That’s a nice touch.

Now, the romance is a little too straight-forward for my liking. I like it when there are a few twists, a few things that come in the way. Here, nothing much happens to be perfectly honest. We see both characters fall in love pretty fast, we see their undeniable attraction to each other, we see them rein it a little bit at first, but that’s all. Though, it’s a nice romance, with nice characters that somewhat ring true. I would have loved that little “thing more” to fully win me over instead of having me reading this book without actually feeling much other than a slight warmth.

The plot itself is very simple and since the length of the story is akin to a novella it’s understandable. I can’t say much other than maybe I’d have loved to see more of Tara and Justin’s family because I think there’s something really lacking there. I mean, we’re told and we see that Tara’s mother is quite awful with her and yet things aren’t really impacting the plot as much as I would have enjoyed. It would have been a nice new layer to the story, more depth, but again, it’s not a full length novel, so I understand the author’s choices.

To end this short review, I think this is a nice story, something perfect to read in-between more angsty/heavy books. The romance has a nice and sweet ring to it and it left me with a soft smile to my face so it’s not a bad thing. I was expecting something a little bit more fun or maybe something a little bit more epic when it comes to the romance. But the characters are like normal people and without much of flaws. (I love characters with flaws).





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