Review: Sessions part 1, by Kailin Gow


Part of a series? Yes, it’s a serial.

Cliffhanger? Yes, in a way.

Category: Adult. (erotica?)

Genre: Contemporary romance.


Pages: 150


I’m Mark Sessions, Dr. of Psychology, Sex Therapist and Former Mr. Body, also an entrrpreneur who made millions from owning a health supplement company. I have a practice in Seattle where I am a therapist. They call me the Sex Shrink of Seattle. Women call me Sex on Legs. I’m an expert on sex because I get plenty of it, and I know a whole lot about it. I’m also on TV as an expert on sex therapy when the whole Fifty Shades thing became big so now my business is exploding with women wanting to learn how to break free of being prudes. Problem is, I’m in a rut myself. It’s not exciting for me anymore, until SHE walked through my door and propped herself down on my sofa. Who knew SHE would be taking lessons from me, but she is, and now she may be the one teaching me a thing or two. For mature audience.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This is the first part of a serial written from the male POV of a sex therapist. It’s not the first story I read with a similar premise, but still, I was intrigued.

Serials can be tricky. It’s difficult to write a compelling first installment, setting the characters and the main plot while building on a solid ground and still keep the readers entertained on such a short length installment. With this first part I’m not completely sold even though I truly enjoyed the last few pages. That’s when I think the author truly started her story.

I was intrigued at first and amused at discovering the main character, Simon Sessions, but I quickly started to be bored because there’s not that much happening. I expected something that would keep me on the edge of my seat. It’s a story that has potential, a plot that isn’t going to be very deep, but is going to be entertaining and that’s great. But I’m not sure the characters interest me enough to want to read more. Right now, I’m in limbo.

You have Simon Sessions, the famous sex therapist whom is also handsome, very sexually open and also develops a strange “obsession’’ for a young woman he meets at a social event. This story is exclusively told from his POV and while he’s fun to read sometimes, I think it’s a little repetitive in this first part. Obviously, the author wanted us to love him and also dislike him for his behavior sometimes. Right now, I find it difficult to truly understand him or even relate to him in any way. I wonder how the author is going to make him more… likable. Though, he’s not a character you’re going to hate, he’s just… I don’t know. Somehow, it’s like I’ve been kept at arm’s length.

Then, you have the lust (because it’s not love at this stage) interest, Lina Lee. She’s a sweet young woman who somehow got Simon’s interest right away. We don’t know much about her other than she’s a knock out and is already engaged. There’s no cheating in this story as of right now, but I think the fact she’s spoken for is going to be the interesting thing to come in the way in later installments.

You have a few other secondary characters, but none that have that of an important role as of now. I do hope we see a little bit more of Simon’s agent, Tina. I’m just a tiny bit curious about her for some reason.

In this first part, you have some sex scenes that aren’t that sexy to read in my opinion, but considering the reasons behind these sex scenes, I’m not surprised and I think it’s a good thing.

The writing of Kailin Gow is easy, simple and to be honest not that lively at times. Sometimes I would have enjoyed a little bit more of a real voice in the dialogues. It’s a little flat in my opinion even though it flows well.

As you can see, I’m not very enthusiastic after reading this first part. I expected more fun and a plot that would have been thick right away to better compel me to read more. Though, if you’re looking for a light, quick read with some sex scenes and a sex therapist as the main character, then maybe you should read this one.

What do you think of Simon so far?



2.5 to 3 (I hesitated between this rating and 2 to 2.5)


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