Review: Intensity, by C.C. Koen



Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No, but the second installment will feature the same main characters.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance with a touch of suspense.


Pages: 190


What would you do to improve your life?

Twenty-one-year-old Serena Thomas is faced with a tough decision. Unable to get ahead of debt and loneliness since her grandmother’s death she finds a new job, placing the sheltered virgin in an underground escort business. She tells herself it’s just a temporary life choice, but destiny has a different plan. She meets a mysterious and gorgeous man, who happens to be her new boss. Will Serena fit in or will she be left all alone again?

Lincoln (aka: Linc) Jefferson has an unusual life. He established The Lounge, an exclusive escort club for very personal reasons. A place where the women say who, when, and what type of sex they’re willing to have. The escorts possess all the power and the money. It’s a business Linc guards at all costs. Trying to maintain the secrecy is a constant challenge and one that’s tested when he enters into a relationship with Serena. She tempts him unlike any woman, even though he’s surrounded by beauty on a daily basis. The more time they spend together the harder it is for him to keep his secrets. Will Serena stand by his side or will she abandon him?

Sparks and passion fly, taking these two on a journey neither could have expected.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

I have mixed feelings now that I’m finished with this book. I will read the next installment because there are some things unresolved and I hate starting something and not finish. I’m rating this book higher than I first wanted because even though there are many things I think aren’t working, I still finished this book rather fast. That’s why I’m rating it a little bit higher than average.

I don’t know if I’m in a book funk or what, but it’s not the first book leaving me with more critics than praises. Let me try and explain what I liked and didn’t in this book. 🙂

The premise sounded really good. A young woman pushed into interviewing for a position as an escort and being drawn to her boss seemed like a winner at a time when I was looking for something different. Unfortunately, it fell short for me.

Maybe I was expecting too much because I was very eager to read this book, but in the end I’m just disappointed for several reasons and yet I finished this book without pain. And I will read the next one. See? I’m telling you, I have mixed feelings and it’s quite unsettling.

When I read a book like this one, I want to feel the attraction between the characters, see their relationship evolving and changing, I want to ache for the characters when they’re facing a setback, and I’m expecting to like the characters not just because they’re nice, but because they have a real characterization.

Here, the romance is not shown to its full capacity. I didn’t see it progressing, didn’t see the teasing, the setbacks, the issues and the heat. According to the title, it’s supposed to be intense, but unfortunately I completely missed the intensity. I enjoyed the few scenes with both main characters, but since the relationship is built in such a way I couldn’t see the evolution and didn’t feel much, I only enjoyed these scenes half the way I should have.

The plot itself is a little bit all over the place. The twists aren’t fully used. For example, the whole thing with one of the escorts and Serena; only half was shown. The other half happened off-pages and it’s retold. That’s all. In my opinion it cut off the interest of the readers, mine at least, and it dampened the edgy vibe that would have been welcomed and would have helped putting the characters into perspective.

The mysteries surrounding Linc while interesting, come out of the blue. I hope the author will play with these a little bit more in the second installment because right now I think it’s not used to better characterize Linc and it’s an issue I have a hard time overlooking.

Serena is interesting because she’s not a doormat, but I think she’s too naïve sometimes. Some things should have been addressed and I’m still annoyed now because they’re not and they were overlooked as if the conclusion was enough. I think it impacts negatively on the main characters’ dynamic.

The whole setting with the escort club is very, very tame. In the end, it’s like a regular club from the little we’re told and the little we see. I can’t help but being a little bit disappointed. Without being descriptive or crass, I think the settings should have been more forefront.

The writing isn’t bad, but some dialogues and/or descriptions are a little stilted. But nothing that impacted on my reading.

In the next installment, I’m expecting way more depth, a plot more polished and tighter, and a romance more potent. I really hope the next book will have all these and more.

What do you think of Linc? And Jax? (I’m more intrigued by Jax than Linc).



2.5 to 3 (I almost rated it 2 out of 5).


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