Review: For His Protection, by Amber A. Bardan


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, erotica.

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing


For years Tyler has longed, lusted and burned for the girl who saved his life. He’ll do anything to have her—including hiring her as his bodyguard. But when the girl of his dreams turns out to have a dark streak he never could have imagined, he’ll need more in his seductive arsenal than sweet talk—he’ll have to find out just how far he’s prepared to go to get her.
Brooke has been through the kind of hell that doesn’t make it into most people’s nightmares. She’s strong, she’s fierce and she believes the only place any man belongs in her life is wedged under the toe of her shoe. Ty is the one man to get under her skin and send her mindless with desire. He’s also a spanner in her life that could undo everything she’s worked for.
She wants him—but can a man like Ty handle the kind of fantasies she has in mind?





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This is the second book in the series, but it features different characters so it can be read as a standalone. The blurb really appealed to me and I enjoyed reading this book.

For once, the one supposed to be the protector isn’t the male characters and it’s very refreshing. The female character, Brooke is the one in charge of protecting Tyler as his bodyguard, the same Tyler she crossed path with years ago. I enjoy that type of stories and even though the plot is nothing to talk about, I still let myself be caught up in the building relationship uncommon and quite hot. 🙂

The thing I have a hard time about if I think furthermore is the fact that Brooke and Tyler’s relationship is easily based on love. I would have enjoyed a little bit more build up and I don’t think Brooke’s issues are fully played out and fully explored. Somehow, the emotion is lacking most of the time. At least, I wasn’t feeling much.

The writing of the author is nice. It flows well and even though the voices of Tyler and Brooke are blending in with each other a little too much for my taste, I didn’t have any trouble enjoying this book. It’s fast paced, the descriptions aren’t flowery and they don’t overrule the dialogues and the rhythm is good.

The plot itself could have been a little bit more fleshed out. I think the secondary twists aren’t explored, just barely summoned. In my opinion the author’s story would have benefited if these twists would have been more explored. Then it would have helped adding a new layer to the story and also a little thrill. Here, I think the story is way too centered on the sex aspect, on Brooke’s issues with any physical contact and not enough on the emotions, the characterization and the plot itself.

But I like that the author took her time in showing how Brooke has a hard time opening up and yet she’s strong enough to try, to break down her own boundaries and walls. I would have enjoyed it a little bit more if the emotions and feelings would have been more present or at least better described.

If you’re looking for a different story, if you want a story featuring a couple quite focused on the sex in their building relationship and if you’d like to read about a woman who went through a real nightmare in the past, then maybe you’d enjoy this story.



3.5 to 4


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