Review: Swept Away Part 2, J. Haymore


Part of a series? Yes, it’s the second part in a 4-part serial.

Cliffhanger? Yes.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance Mysteries


Pages: 105


Ethan Williams is the worst man for me. The dangerous choice. The choice most likely to hurt me. Ethan will never give me the long-term happiness I yearn for.

Of course I choose him. He’s the bigger risk. The man I know very little about. The man who’s almost guaranteed me that he’ll do nothing but hurt me. That’s the one I want.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I was falling in love with Ethan—even though he was going to walk away from me forever in less than three weeks. But I wasn’t going to think about that. I’d enjoy this time we had together on the open ocean, then, once we got to Hawaii, I’d let him go. No regrets.

But Ethan’s secrets were deeper and darker than I could have ever imagined. I’d put my trust into someone who gave me almost nothing of himself.

And if I wasn’t careful, his secrets could kill me.

Warning: Swept Away is a 4-part serial. This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy. It is not for people under 18.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This is part two in the Swept Away serial that counts 4 parts. While the first part partially won me over, this second part completely finished the job. I’m so glad to have the third part already because I can’t wait to read it!

As usual with serials, this part ends on a cliffhanger and while one half of the big revelation isn’t a surprise at all because I saw it coming from the very start, the second half of the revelation blindsided me. I’m very much looking forward to the third part. 🙂

In this second part we’re not spared. There’s no lull, the descriptions are way more vivid, way more purposeful in my opinion. The plot is tighter and takes a new turn, not once letting us off. The mysteries both thicken and yet unravel in a wonderful way. I truly enjoy the turn of events and while some things are a little too much for me, it’s a matter of personal taste, I still had a really good time with this second part.

The main characters, Tara and Ethan seem to be better characterized, and the secondary characters, while still a little too weak for me, seems to be a little more characterized too. I like that we’re able to see a little bit more of the sailing crew work.

The relationship between Tara and Ethan while a little fast is starting to slowly thaw me. I’m not fully buying it yet, but I do enjoy the way things are fast unraveling and my curiosity is picked as to know how things will evolve from now on.

The writing style is really good here. I think the author didn’t lose time describing things that don’t really have an importance and it’s a good improvement. I think now the story is on the right track, following the perfect upbeat rhythm.

I’m going to dive in the third part immediately! And I think I’m going to curse because I don’t have the fourth part yet. But that means this serial works. 😉





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