Review: Reforming the Rock Star, by Christine Bell



Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence

Pages: 220


When Sydney Metcalf’s bestie asks her to cater her wedding, Syd can’t say no, even though the thought of going back to her hometown makes her break out in hives. She’s off to a great start until best man and rock god Lazlo Stone calls with a request for her to cater the bachelor party too. Petit fours adorned with rose petals, she can handle. A cake shaped like boobs for the sexiest guy in the universe? She’s not so sure. But this is the chance of a lifetime and she refuses to screw it up by being a prude…

When a sexy stripper dressed as a Plain Jane crashes the bachelor party, Laz is all about getting vertical and making some music with her. Too bad his stripper is really the caterer and the bride’s best friend. After a kiss between them blazes out of control, he can’t seem to stop thinking about sweet little Syd.

But everybody knows, life on the road and love don’t mix…






I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

Usually, I absolutely love contemporary romance novels that feature a rock star. Unfortunately, this book didn’t win me over. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either. Let me try and explain why.

The premise is interesting, if pretty classic. I don’t mind it at all, but I do think the author took the easy way out much too many times throughout the novel. There’s almost no twist or conflict. The small conflict there is is swiped away immediately instead of being used and played out to better show the characters’ struggles and fears echoing from their past. In my opinion, it shows a weakness in the characterization.

Speaking of the characterization…

I don’t like the characters all that much. I don’t dislike them, but I don’t like them. See? That’s the pattern I fell into all the while reading this novel. Believe me, it’s pretty frustrating.

I do like the fact that both Syd and Laz have issues with relationships, but I couldn’t feel how deep these issues ran. Somehow it made me feel like just talking about them once made everything disappear. I get it’s fiction, but it’s a little too easy for my taste.

The feelings building between Syd and Laz are a little sudden. I don’t think the author took enough time to actually show us how they’re growing, how they’re taking a hold of the characters. It went from lust and sex to love and commitment. I don’t like it when it happens.

The other characters are interesting, but somehow I think there must be other books published featuring these characters because I felt like there was a consequent info dump in the first chapter or so. If there are, I seriously think it should have been explained or we should have been warned. Maybe I missed the warning, so don’t mind me.

The writing style is flowing well, but I couldn’t see the emotional connection. I don’t know if it’s the writing that puts a distance between the readers and the characters or if it’s just me not enjoying this story as I should.

The plot itself is very, very common. I expected some more surprises, some more risks taken by the author, but no. Even the end is for me extremely cliché. I’ve been reading this type of ending several times over the last couple of years and I’m starting to be a little bit annoyed. Though, it does fit the story well enough.

As you can see, I’m not exactly sold. It’s a good enough story, the author is skilled and the atmosphere of this book is nice, but I wanted more. I expected more. More feelings, more emotions, more love… Just more. I’m sure others don’t feel the same, but in the end I’m left hanging, expecting and now that it’s sinking in, I’m disappointed.

I hope you don’t feel the same. At least, I’m sure Laz will make you swoon a little bit because he’s quite the rocker. 😉



2.5 to 3


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