Review: Caught Looking, by Meghan Quinn


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? Not really, but it’s obvious the story continues.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance.


Pages: 365.


(This book has been freshly formatted and edited 8/10/2014)

“What a fantastic concept for a book, think soap opera, without the dramatic stares before commercials.”

“SHIT hits the fan, betrayal comes in the biggest of forms, new friendships bloom, love finds its way back, and grief sneaks up on us like the devil in disguise!”

Things are starting to heat up in Atlanta, or at least in Jane’s celibate life of two years. On the two year anniversary of her nasty split between her and her ex, Jane’s friends, Molly – class “A” filthy mouth – and Albert – flamboyant dresser extraordinaire – decide it’s high time Jane drops the conservative persona, let loose and start to have some fun once again.

Brady Matthews, Atlanta Braves first baseman and well known through the media as Atlanta’s gigolo, thought he was just taking his new teammate, Michael Banks, out on the town. Little did he know Michael’s friend from college, Jane, was going to show up at their table and turn his world upside down.

When Brady meets Jane, he is instantly attracted to Jane’s innocence and inner sex kitten but the last thing she wants is to be thrown into another relationship with such a publicly known man-whore especially after her heart was broken so devastatingly. Brady makes it his mission to win Jane over and make her see him as the man he actually is, not the way the media perceives him. But it is not that simple. Wedding plans, spring training, ex’s, old college friends, the paparazzi and gossip magazines seem to keep getting in the way of Brady’s goal to earn Jane’s heart.

Caught Looking goes through the love lives of Jane, Brady and their group of friends fighting the hardships of cheating, trusting, losing love and trying to find it once again. In one of America’s hottest cities, the gang heats up the sheets while their lives entangle together causing heartache, suffering through loss and finding love….hopefully.





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This first installment in the Hot-Lanta series has me wondering what I think about it and what I can possibly write to express my reading experience. As weird as it sounds, I don’t know. Not really that is.

On the one hand, I really didn’t like it. I’m not a fan of multiple POVs in books. More than 2 and I’m annoyed because I can’t actually get fully invested in all characters. Here, there are more than 2 POVs and while it’s well-done, I’m far from a fan. For more than half of the book I wondered every couple of pages if I would finish reading this book or not. (But I did finish it obviously).

On the other hand, I enjoyed a little bit more the last part of the book. I wouldn’t go as far as writing that I had a really good time, but I wasn’t antagonizing the book and the characters as much anymore. In fact, I think I started reading much faster then.

I really thought I would fall for this book and the characters. The premise sounded good and I heard great things about this novel so I was eager to read it. Maybe that’s why I’m so disappointed. I was probably waiting for too much and for something completely different.

The characters while distracting and fun at times, are still pretty clichés and for adults acted very immature for my taste. That bothers me because in a way I think the author didn’t go deep enough when it comes to the characterization or even regarding the emotions. Not until the very end in one scene at least.

Most of the time I found the characters acting like teens and while it could be endearing sometimes, here it was just maddening for me. It’s probably just me because I know many readers don’t feel the same at all. I’m the odd one out here.

The plot itself is very common and some scenes were too repetitive for my taste. The whole thing with Michael was going around and around and even Jane’s internal musings were going back to stating the same thing in the exact same sentence several times. Since I was reading the book quickly I picked it right away and since this book didn’t win me over I couldn’t look past it, as ridiculous as it is.

Though, I like Brady’s soft side and Molly made me laugh sometimes. I guess there’s always that.
Albert while great is the kind of character I see way too much in books these days.

Honestly, I think this book has everything to make of something wonderful, but it fell short for me. The twists with Laney and George weren’t well-introduced and not that greatly exploited, the hang-ups Jane felt were overcome in a weird way that didn’t make me feel for her.

I can see the potential, I can see why so many readers love this book and I can see the author’s talent and that’s why I’m rating this book 3 to 3.5 stars, but I didn’t have a good time as I was expecting it. If there’s one sentence I should write now that I’m finished, it would be this:

While I don’t like the multiple POVs and the plot didn’t blow my mind, it’s a sweet story with funny and outright silly moments between friends and lovers.

What do you think of Brady? Luke? Michael?



3 to 3.5.


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