Review: Knocked Out, by Ty Langston



Part of a series? No.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Supposedly Contemporary Romance, but I think it’s a Contemporary and not a romance.

Publisher: Solo Publishing.

Pages: 82.


Fresh out of Grad School, Hayley Monroe gets the chance of a lifetime when her boss gives her the opportunity to produce and host a reality series on finding MMA’s “Next Great Hope”.
Enter former MMA contender Evan Bates. His sudden re-appearance into the sport after a mysterious five year absence not only raises eyebrows, but also temps both in and out of the Octagon.
Can Hayley keep everything in check? Or will she be Knocked Out?





I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

While I enjoy reading novellas, this one is a complete miss for me. I’m really sorry for writing a negative review, but I’m going to try and explain why I’m disappointed and why I’m rating this book so low.

First thing that got to me after reading a couple of pages it’s the writing style. The voice of the story is very passive. I like descriptions and narrative parts in books, but here it’s not helping the rhythm of the story and it doesn’t actually help the characterization. And before you ask, it’s not because the story is written in third person, but because there’s almost no real feelings exposed aside from the relationship between Evan and his daughter. Even that I couldn’t fully feel to be honest.

While this novel is written in third person, there’s two POVs, from Hayley and from Evan, but unfortunately I couldn’t feel/see the difference between the two. Everything is pretty flat in my opinion and the plot doesn’t help.

I was so into this story after I had a look at the blurb. It seemed pretty interesting and since I love MMA novels, I was sure that it would be a great read. In the end my enthusiasm died pretty fast.

Why? That’s the second thing that turned me off pretty fast. The plot.

While there is everything to build a wonderful story in the genre, nothing is fully used. Everything is just skimmed over without actually delving into and in the end it feels much more like a resumé of a novel and not like a tight plotted novella. That’s a shame and it actually makes me feel rather frustrated.

You have the whole “twist’’ with Evan’s ex-wife/mother of his daughter and yet nothing is explained and nothing actually happens. NOTHING!

You have a wonderful idea with a reality TV show about MMA fighters and yet we see NOTHING.

You have a “forbidden’’ attraction between Hayley, the host of the TV show, and Evan, the MMA fighter contestant, and we see basically NOTHING. There’s a sex scene coming from nowhere and that’s all. I don’t get it.

I still have no idea of who the characters are, what their fears are, what their dreams are or even what would have been the consequences if something wrong happened.

Since it’s a novella, I think it’s important to have a tight plot, a good idea of who the characters are without wasting pages and you need to see real voices to carry a novella and the story. I miss everything here.

The only thing I enjoyed a little it’s Evan interacting with his daughter.

I’m really sorry for this review, but I’m trying to explain how I feel after finishing this novella. I truly think this story could have been wonderful, but unfortunately it’s a miss for me.




1.5 to 20140103-095135.jpg


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