Review: Love Games, by Mara Jacobs



Part of a series? Not exactly. For more info, visit Kindle Worlds’ website.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance novel with steamy scenes.

Publisher: Kindle Worlds.

Pages: 192.


Declan Tate has just thrown his last pass. Or has he?

On the night of his last football game as a pro quarterback, Declan Tate meets Marlee Reeves and can’t seem to see anything beyond…well, her. He’s supposed to be spending the next week prepping for his upcoming broadcasting auditions. But all he wants to do is spend the week trying to…read her coverage.

Will he score? Or fumble?

Marlee Reeves is at the point in her life where she’d like to settle down, but her only experience with a pro athlete left her with a broken heart. She’s not sure Declan has enough game to break down her defense.

Will she complete Declan’s pass? Or be intercepted by her past?

They have one week to pass the goal line. Will they put points on the board? Or be left scoreless in love?

This is a complete novel of 67K words. Bella Andre’s Game For Love Kindle World is full of alpha sports star and strong women and filled with lots of steamy love scenes. Love Games is in this world, but you do not have to have read Game For Love to enjoy it. (but, why wouldn’t you – it’s awesome!) Note: There are many fairly graphic love scenes in Love Games.






I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.
I love reading books with sports as a background. It’s just like books with fighters, rockers for me. I can’t resist them. So, of course when I saw this one, I knew I had to read it and I’m really not disappointed.
I’m not going to lie, when I started this one I was in the mood for something a little bit sexy with an interesting alpha male with a sweet side. I’ve got it here!
The story is flowing perfectly, swiftly. The plot is interesting and since the couple has an undeniable chemistry, I wasn’t bored. There aren’t that many twists or surprises, but I still enjoyed reading this book. When you’re in the mood for something sexy with a nice building romance, then you can bet on this book.
Marlee — love the name by the way — is an interesting female lead character. She has her flaws that drove me a little bit crazy at times, but that’s also why I think I was riveted to this book. Flawed characters are a weakness of mine. 🙂
Declan is an alpha male as I like them. He’s easily likable and he’s also sweet without it being sickening. I enjoyed the way he handled Marlee even though I wanted to slap him a couple of times, but that means the plot got to me as it should have.
Both characters work perfectly in this book. They’re interesting, doesn’t profess their love just because they’ve had sex and they have that chemistry I’m a sucker for in such books. If you’re looking for something hot and uncomplicated, then I think you should try this one.
There isn’t that many secondary characters, none present enough to mention at least. That’s maybe something I regret because it’d have completed nicely the whole atmosphere in my opinion.
I truly had a good time with this book and I don’t regret reading it. I’ll be following this author in the future. 🙂
Don’t you like reading books with the male lead characters as pro athletes? Which one is your favorite?

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