Review: Insomnia, by Bethany Bazile

Beuatiful men relaxing naked in bed


Part of a series? Yes, it’s the first installment in a serial.

Cliffhanger? Yes.


Category: Erotica.

Genre: Contemporary.


I was arrogant, pushy, controlling, and I was fine with that. What I couldn’t control were my dreams. Memories haunted me there.

Even after over a decade, I found that I couldn’t outrun them. Returning to the place they lived only seemed to trigger a landslide. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t sleep. Some people drank a warm cup of milk, cuddled up with a book, or threw back a couple shots.


I fucked my way to sleep.

Every single night I lost myself in pussy. For a long time it was the only way I knew to get to sleep. But lately it’s been getting less and less effective. I slept shorter periods of time before the dreams started.

There was only one hope for my insomnia and she was sexy, intelligent and unexpected. I wanted to exhaust myself in her sexy little body and let her soothe me to sleep.

The only problem… she was my therapist and I’d have to break her code of conduct and totally corrupt her before I made her mine.

***Warning: This is an Erotic Serial and contains explicit sexual content and language. ***


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I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.
Insomnia is the first part of an erotica serial that counts three parts. The other parts are already available.
I must say, that I am pleasantly surprised with this serial. Usually serials aren’t my thing, but this one won me over. Though, since it’s an erotica story the characters get to sleep together pretty fast and that bothers me a little because while I understand it’s a short format, I would have liked just a little bit more build up.
That being said, I don’t feel like the characters are under developed or not enough characterized. In erotica novels sometimes I find it difficult to understand characters because there’s not enough characterization, but here the author somehow succeeded in doing so, giving them some background and mysteries that make me want to read the next part right away.
The writing style itself is great and flows pretty well. Dialogue and descriptions are well-balanced and the bits of background thrown in don’t slow down the rhythm of the narration or the plot.
I like that there’re still many mysteries to discover. In fact, at some point it was a little maddening but in a good way. My curiosity is picked and while I’m a little bit afraid that there’re too many mysteries for only two more parts, it promised some intense twists!
The premise of this story was interesting. I mean, if an attraction between a psychiatrist and a patient isn’t taboo, I don’t know what would be considered it. And reading taboo stories is always fun if done the right way. The thing I regret a little is that that very complication is quickly overcome.
The cliffhanger at the end surprised me and I would have never seen it coming. Either I was too caught in the story to see it coming or the author did a wonderful job at putting that very twist there. While this twist isn’t the reason why I’m eager to read the next part, it still adds a little thrill to it.
In the end, it’s a very good surprise and for once I’m not reluctant at reading a serial.
What do you think of this new serial? 

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