Review: Being Kalli, by Rebecca Berto



Category: New Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Pages: 267

Part of a series? No.

No cliffhanger.


At nineteen, Kalli Perkins knows her place. It lies between beer-breathed college guys, younger guys, business men, men twice her age, and sobering up before arriving home, so she can tuck her little brothers into bed. She and her brothers have a mother, but they might as well not when she’s as high as the sky, or drunk, or sleeping, or not sleeping.

Burdened with a dark secret not even her best friend, Scout dares ask about, Kalli lives for the moment. When she’s at a party with Scout and her good friend, Nate, she’s up for body shots, and gyrating, public sex, and more.

So what’s one kiss with Nate? What’s dropping to her knees between his legs and betting him she can blow his mind?

It’s nothing to Kalli—that night. But there’s something she didn’t count on. Nate. He may be more “normal” than she is, but he has a dark past of his own. He’s very capable of satisfying her, not only under her clothes, but in her heart, too.

She just doesn’t know it yet.
Recommended for mature readers due to explicit and confronting content. | This book is published in Australian English and includes relative diction.


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I got this book for free on Amazon. For a free book, it’s not a bad one, but for some reason I couldn’t fully get into this story even though some scenes are truly heartbreaking.

Kalli is an interesting character with enough of a fucked up life to make the story interesting. I love flawed characters, the broken ones, but for them to win me over, I need to understand them fully and feel for them. I didn’t here.

To me the writing was inconsistent. There are a few typos and since I couldn’t fully delve in the story, I focused more on these.
Some key scenes were well-written, but they were followed by weak ones, written almost as if the author hadn’t been ready to dig deeper. It was cut short emotionally speaking.

The romance while not the main focus, was too downplayed. I couldn’t see the connection between Kalli and Nate. I wanted to and I think there could have been one epic love story if only we could feel their connection growing and growing. I felt more things while reading about Kalli and Scout’s friendship than I did while reading Nate and Kalli’s one.

If you like steamy scenes, you should be happy. There aren’t that many, but the few ones present were well written and didn’t break the rhythm of the story. They even helped understanding Kalli a little more.

Kalli’s mother is a character I’d have loved to see more. If only her psyche would have been more developed, I’m sure in turns it’d have helped Kalli’s characterization.

I was expecting a lot from this book after reading some amazing reviews, but it fell short to me. There’re everything to make it a hit book and yet the emotion is lacking, the intense connection between the characters not fully there and the writing not polished enough to grab me like I was expecting.

I wanted an emotional slap and I ended up barely missing a heartbeat.

What do you think about this book? About Nate?



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