Review: Taming the Bachelor, by M.J. Carnal


Part of a series? Yes. (The next installments will focus on other characters).

Cliffhanger? No.


Pages: 174

Category: Adult.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Ex marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down. After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality. A move back to his beloved Los Angeles threatens to change the future he had written for himself when the shy and beautiful, Sophie Barringer, ends up being the Maid of Honor at his sister’s wedding.


Sophie has been burned at love. The last thing she needs is a self proclaimed bachelor to turn her head. But her heart may have other plans.


Forced to spend a week together in paradise, can they deny their steamy chemistry and stay away from each other or will they give in to lust and take the chance? Can Mark get over his player reputation to take a shot at love or will fate be cruel enough to deny them their happily ever after?



I heard such great things about this book that I decided to give it a shot. Though, I waited a while before reading it. Now, I must say that it’s a complete miss for me. I rarely feel so disappointed.

I can’t deny the fact that there’s potential for this book. The premise is interesting, but did the characters have to fall in love almost right away? Playing the lust card in books is really great and fun, but stating that the girl is afraid of commitment and of love and the guy is a bachelor for life and player… Then how come they can fall in love after a couple of days? Because, basically it’s what happened in this book. Sure they wait a little before confessing their love, but no more than a few days.

I find it weird, unbelievable — it’s a fiction, but still — and quite a turn off for me as a reader. I don’t like stories with characters that fall in love at first sight. I can never really get in the story. It’s a matter of personal taste, of course.

Also, the beginning got me very confused. There are so many characters thrust into the story at once that I couldn’t have even the time to warm up to the story, build up my interest and understand who was who. I was really confused for a couple of chapters and it’s an issue.

The plot itself could have been interesting, but in the end the timeline seems a bit off and many things are left unsaid. You have several POVs at once which I hate — I’m sorry if I’m harsh, but I’m trying to explain how I truly feel. I enjoy it when a story is told from more than one POV, but it needs to be done in an orderly manner and not to the point that you don’t even know which POV it is. Why put Caleb’s POV, a few of Molly’s and Ryan’s or even Layla’s when the main story is about Mark and Sophie? I still don’t really understand right now because it doesn’t bring anything to the story.

Sometimes, I couldn’t really picture the real difference in the characterization of the male characters. They blended at some point and it’s sad because the group dynamic was interesting.

So, I’m going to stop here because this review isn’t very enthusiastic and it’s useless to go into more details. This book wasn’t for me and I know many other people don’t feel the same. I tried to explain why this book is a miss for me and it’s not because of the plot. The characterizations and the POVs are my main issues and it explains why I really didn’t enjoy reading this book. I hope you won’t keep it against me if you loved it! 🙂



20140103-095135.jpg I almost rated it 1 star because that’s how I truly feel about this book, but at the same time I can only imagine how difficult it is to write about so many characters and build a story from there.


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