Review: Covert: Cover Cracked, by Missy Marciassa



Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? Not really.

Category: Adult, but the series started as a NA.

Genre: Contemporary Suspense with a touch of Romance.


Pages: 317


When 23-year-old Elle can’t explain why her job as an Information Scientist at the Library of Congress keeps her so busy (because she’s actually a CIA operative who just became field rated), her boyfriend dumps her, so she decides to focus on her career and enjoy a fling.


Navy SEAL Reese Beckwith seems like the perfect fling material except the more he sees Elle, the more he wants to know about her, and she can’t resist him. Things get complicated when Reese spots her with her CIA partner, a known womanizer. His questions for Elle get more pointed: he sees the potential for more than a fling, and once he sets an objective, failure is not an option.


Yet Elle tries to keep Reese in the “fling” category as her first major assignment heats up, becoming more personal with each development. When her personal and professional lives collide, Elle is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to be a covert operative? Will she have to choose between love and her career?




I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This book is the third installment of what started to be a NA series but is now a cross between NA and Adult without it behind gruesome at all. It’s really mild, more so than I expected – and anticipated.

You can read this one as a standalone as the author makes a fantastic job at settling the characters, the previous events without impacting the rhythm of the story and the way things progress.

Though, the first two chapters are a little slow because I think there’s no need to state four times that Elle is a new Agent or that she has a hard time finding balance between her new job and her personal life. I felt like the author was feeding us the details as if we couldn’t quite remember them.

Fortunately, soon it becomes way better and the actual plot takes off. Also, meeting Reese is very welcome. 🙂

Elle is an interesting character. I mean, she’s a CIA agent! You can’t really find more badass for a female character than that. And yet, she stays a girl easily relatable to. She has troubles with her coworkers, guy troubles, misses her friends and so on. I liked her almost right away which isn’t always that easy with me.

Reese is an interesting character, but I would have loved to find him struggling some more against his building “feelings’’ for Elle. He’s interesting, I love the alpha male behavior he has going on without it being the cliché we often find in books. His banters with Elle at the beginning are quite entertaining.

The secondary characters are interesting, with a special mention for Preston. Now, I even want to read the previous installments to see more of him. 🙂

The writing style is efficient in this book. It flows well and I wasn’t bored while reading.

The plot itself is well-built even though I could see some twists way before they happened, but maybe it’s because I watch way too many thrillers and action movies. But seriously, it’s a refreshing plot from what I usually read, it uses interesting twists and gives a great opening for the next installment.

I’m pretty sure I’ll read the next one because I want to see where it’s going, how Elle is doing or how Reese, Preston and the others are doing.

I’m happy that I had the chance to discover a new series and a new author.

Who read this book? What do you think about this series? What do you think about Reese? Preston?





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