Review: Ransom, by Rachel Schurig


Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Category: New Adult.

Genre: Contemporary with Romance.


Pages: 277


**The first book in a brand new series from USA Today bestselling author Rachel Schurig. This New Adult Contemporary Romance novel is a complete story with no cliffhanger.**


Daisy Harris has no reason to suspect that her day will be any different than usual. She’ll go to class, alone. She won’t speak or make eye contact. She’ll spend her entire day doing her best to go completely unnoticed. That’s what life is like for Daisy now—an endless cycle of loneliness and fear. A life lived hiding behind the walls she so faithfully maintains.


Then she sees it. A magazine, left behind in class. A simple picture—just his face. And it changes everything.


It’s been a year since she’s seen Daltrey Ransome. A year since he and his brothers left town to pursue their dreams of rock and roll superstardom. A year since he left Daisy behind—left her to watch as everything she knew crumbled around her. She’s been running from Daltrey ever since, desperate to keep her secret.


But she can’t run anymore. And now that Daltrey has found her—the girl he’s loved his entire life, the girl he’d give up everything for—he’s determined never to let her go again.



I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

This story is exactly what I was expecting and even a little bit more. It’s not just a romance novel and that’s why I think it has that little something more that will stay with me for a while.

If you’ve been following my reviews, you must know that I love stories with rock stars or musicians. I can’t resist and while I don’t enjoy reading all of them, I still need to read more and more. Ransom is not like the other ones out there.

The fact that Daltrey and Daisy have been best friend since they were little kids gave something more to this story, enhancing more their chemistry. The author managed perfectly blending their past with the present, showing us how close they’ve been for years, how important they were for each other. In my opinion, it’s well-done.

The secondary characters weren’t just relegated in the background. They truly had a role, a purpose in the plot, in the characterization of the main characters. In fact, I can’t wait to see them all in the next installment!

Moreover, the author tackled some heavy subjects and it’s done with taste, making Daisy’s behavior very believable and rendered her all the more likable. I could relate to her easily.

Daltrey’s POV chapters wren’t that numerous and sometimes I’d have loved them to reflect even more the intensity of his emotions, of his anger even. But still, it gave us a nice input and a new rhythm to the story.

The plot was interesting with just a few twists, but still I wasn’t bored because the characters and their dynamic was too interesting to get me bored. I had a hard time putting the book down after the first few chapters that were a little too long or too slow to settle the whole situation.

If there’s one thing I’d have loved to see way more in this book it’s the actual relationship between Daltrey and Daisy. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean once you’re finished with this book.

I look forward to reading the next installment and I’m quite eager to know which bother will be under the spotlight. Cash maybe? 😉

What do you think about this book? Do you like Daltrey? Which brother would you like to see more of in the next book?





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