Review: Rocked, by Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn



Part of a series? Yes.

Cliffhanger? No.

Publisher: Rainbow Rage Publishing

Pages: 474

Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance borderline on erotica

Warnings: Language and sex scenes.


Love definitely wasn’t on the setlist.

Opening for their idols on their first tour, Oblivion is living the dream. Mostly. Frustrated at being shoved out of his mediator role by their new manager, Deacon McCoy loses himself in brutal workouts. He only comes up for air long enough to refuel—and to tease the deliciously cute chef who makes him crave a lot more than what she’s offering on her serving plate.

As the child of roadie parents, Harper Pruitt has heard every pickup line twice. To her, musicians are one step above the scraps on her cutting board. All she wants is to get enough experience to run her own catering company, but Deacon and his bottomless stomach are too tempting to resist. He’s far from the typical rock star and before long, she finds herself experimenting with him, inside and out of the kitchen.

Apron – and panties – optional.

When Harper sees that Deacon’s dream band with his best friends may be turning into a nightmare, she can’t walk away. Deacon’s so much more than just a peacemaker and the man behind the bass. But she has her own dreams to chase…even if she’s starting to think what she’s building with him might be the biggest one of all.

You met Deacon McCoy in SEDUCED, now you can watch just how far a big man can fall.



I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.

To be honest, I still wonder how I never heard about this one before I saw it on Netgalley. I mean, I am a sucker for rock stars and this one doesn’t disappoint.

This book doesn’t bring anything new and uses the same tropes these books often use, but they work perfectly mostly because all the characters are perfectly portrayed here. When you have well-portrayed characters, everything will flow better, and in no time you’ll delve into the story.

But, I didn’t delve in the story right away because there are many characters and sometimes it was difficult to follow who was talking to who, but after a couple of chapters things got easier.

Deacon is really a great male lead character. I warmed up to him right away even though his attraction to Harper feels almost too much like love at first sight, which got me worried for a while. Usually, I hate it when the characters get close fast, but the authors here made it easy, mostly because of the settings. After all, we don’t know what happens during rock tours! 😉

Harper is an interesting female character and she didn’t annoy me contrary to what many female characters have done these past few weeks. Though, I would have loved to see more of how her past, how the way she’s been raised could have truly jeopardized her relationship with Deacon. In this instance, I never truly saw it or believed it.

And the same goes with Deacon. Somehow, his troubled past is too “down-played”. He’s young and his tough life should have let a bigger scar on him which should have resulted in some hang-ups. Unfortunately, there are more sex scenes —very well written— than actual conflicts.

It’s a pleasant read, one you should read if you enjoy Contemporary Romance novels with rock stars, because you’ll love the dynamic of the band Oblivion. In fact, I look forward to reading the next installment.

What do you think about Deacon? Don’t you think he’s book boyfriend material? Who is your favorite band member?





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