Review: Pursuit, by Lynda Chance



Part of a series? No

No cliffhanger.


Pages: 175

Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance bordering on erotica

Warnings: Sex scenes.


Logan Crenshaw is doing just fine until a chance meeting with Lauren Jacobs sends his libido into a tailspin. When she turns down his offer of a date, his hunting instincts go on high alert and a predatory urge he never knew existed explodes within him.

Lauren Jacob’s life is perfectly predictable until she meets Logan Crenshaw, a man who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Logan is more rampaging beast than normal man and Lauren finds herself the prey he wants to plunder. Being the target of his sexual quest is more than exciting, but when it’s over, will she be safe in his care or just the prize after his merciless pursuit?




When I saw this book while perusing the kindle store, I was eager to read it. After all, it sounded like a romance I’d enjoy, something not too twisted to read between two books.


And it is a great romance. The two main characters have a  real and palpable chemistry, the dialogues are great even if sometimes quite clichés in the genre when an alpha male is portrayed, but it doesn’t bother me here.


It’s really enjoyable to read and I’d recommend this book if someone asked me which kind of book to read in the genre, but I’m not sure that I will remember it in a month. It was great, but it didn’t blow my mind to the point that I couldn’t put it down.


There are quite a lot of sex scenes and while it doesn’t bother me at all—otherwise I wouldn’t be reading that kind of books—I have a feeling that it takes too much space in the plot to the point that there isn’t any real “threat” for Logan and Lauren to over as a couple. Don’t you think “threats” make a love story more thrilling?


Overall, it’s quite a linear evolution, quite interesting to follow, but nothing to remember down the road.


That being said, it’s always fun to read a story with an alpha male, I would have liked it better if it had been more original in its treatment and if the scenes put in the book would have been more surprising.


I’m asking for too much, I know.


Who read this book? Do you think Logan is Hot Stuff or not? I do think he deserves it. 😉



3 to 3.5


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