Tangling With the CEO, by Annie Seaton


Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Warning: None
Publisher: Etangled: Bliss
Pages: 202


Mixing business with pleasure never felt so right.

Blake Buchanan and Anastasia Delaney were roommates in college and could never see eye to eye about anything. The only time their walls came down was during one night of passion before Ana left without a word, never expecting to cross paths with Blake again.

Years later, Blake has made his millions. He comes back to Ana’s small California town to manage a corporate takeover that will close down the home restoration business she’s poured her heart and soul into. The fiery Ana is determined to convince money-minded Blake of her business’s worth, but when a family emergency throws them together, their walls come tumbling down once again…

Problem is, Blake’s business-first position hasn’t changed. And Ana can’t fall for the man who could become her boss—it’s not only her job at stake, but her heart.

About the Author:

Annie Seaton lives on the beautiful east coast of Australia, where she loves sitting in her writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. She has always been fascinated by romance and has found her niche writing contemporary romance.
Her debut novel, Holiday Affair, a contemporary romance set in the South Pacific was released as part of Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line in March. The sequel Italian Affair was published Spring 2013, followed quickly by Outback Affair,Dangerous Desire and Tangling with the CEO!
Blind Lust, is one of Annie’s favorite novels. Despite the title…it is a sweet romance about a witch and her difficult choice between two men.

Author’s website


I received this book through Netgalley for an honest review.

I was in need of a sweet Contemporary romance and that’s what I got!

The writing style is perfect for this genre of book, easy and simple but never neglecting the emotions, it caught my attention right away and never released me.

The characters are interesting, sweet, have flaws which is very important to have a story that isn’t one dimensional and they bring a sense of family that is really great to read about. It’s effortlessly done.

The kids in this story are really great and even if the beginning of the book is too long and almost bored me at some point, I think the author did an amazing job at painting kids and the tornados they can be.

As this novel is not all that long, the attraction between the main characters Blake and Ana is happening quite fast and I would have preferred it if the author played some more with their past and how Blake felt upon seeing Ana. It could have been more complicated and I love complicated stories – but it’s only my opinion.

The plot is well thought, not very original for the genre but well built so it does the trick without a scratch. Though, I can’t really give you many details or else I’d ruin your reading experience, I can still write that I think Ana’s solution near the end was obvious quite early on and should have been broached some more throughout the novel instead of just being put there when it’s time for the whole resolution.

That being said, I had a really great time reading this novel. I often had a smile while reading and it was great to read something light and yet full of sweet feelings.

Moreover, I find that the chemistry between Blake and Ana is well described and I couldn’t help myself but root for them. It’s always better to enjoy two characters trying to “get together” and not just read it without feeling involved. So Yeah, I would definitely recommend this novel to readers in need of a good and light romance set in a small and tight community.

I plan on reading more books written by this author as her writing style is efficient and her characters have that fleshy personality I like to read in books.

Who already read this one? What do you think about Blake Buchanan?




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