It’s Love, Dude, by Jenny Schwartz


Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Warnings: None
Pages: 129
Publisher: Escape Publishing


From our favourite short story writer comes a debut full-length novel about sand, sun, small towns, and surfing…

Zane Carlton is a World Champion surfer. Molly Georgiou is a shy, small-town girl. They have nothing in common except an instantaneous attraction and an impossible quest for a rare, endangered Australian marsupial. But Zane is determined to make it work, and invites Molly to take a step into his world. But Molly isn’t ready for the spotlights and attention — she loves her town, its quirks, its characters. Opposites attract, but can two such different people find both a woylie and forever?

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About the Author:

I enjoy reading and writing romance because the genre celebrates the joy of living life passionately–taking risks, embracing wonder, creating your own happy ever after.

Steampunk is my newest love. Such a great way to mis-use my history degree 🙂

I’m hugely appreciative of everyone who takes the time to share a review of my books. I find reviews a challenge to write, so THANK YOU!

Author’s website


I received this novel after I requested it on Netgalley. It doesn’t influence my review.

A romance between a hot surfer and a small town girl? Sign me up immediately! And I’m not disappointed. 😉

First of all, I know nothing about surfing and I was afraid that it would be complicated for me to follow and still be interested, but the author doesn’t talk all that much about it. In fact, it’s just a tool – a perfect one at that – to emphasize the difference between Zane and Molly. And it brings just enough of dream to it all.

Also, I enjoyed the chemistry between Zane and Molly. It’s not very emotional as it is a light read, perfect when you want something easy, but the attraction changing into something deeper is well written. I was never bored while reading and it’s not always that easy to keep a reader interested from chapter one to the epilogue.

The secondary characters are great and make the small town feel all the more real. Though, the journalist – Tony – should have been more present. I don’t want to give away anything of the story, but I think his role is a little underdevelopped at some point. It could have been more thrilling, which in turn would have made me want to rate this novel even higher.

The writing style is flawless, dynamic and light without being silly. The author knows how to build a Contemporary romance story without falling and over using clichés and it’s very welcomed!

Zane and Molly are characters you will enjoy even if Zane should have been even more characterized to make him unforgetable. But I’m being picky.

The dialogues and descriptions are well balanced, perfect according to the atmosphere of this story. This novel is also a fast read with a fast paced story. I’m telling you, I was never bored! 🙂

This story brought some sun to my gloomy Fall day and I’m very happy I read it. I will read more of this author as I enjoyed her writing style very much. Add this book to your tbr!

Who read this book? What do you think about Zane: Hot Stuff or not?




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